Tag: Safety Measures to Take When Ice-Skating

Tips to Stay Safe during Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun sport that some countries are not able to enjoy. In countries where ponds, dams, and lakes freeze, this is a popular sport. In countries where there are no natural ice rinks, some entrepreneurs have come up with manmade ones.

Safety while on an ice skating rink should never be taken for granted and this is the reason there are rules that should be followed.

Safety Measures to Take When Ice-Skating

  • Wear protective gear that includes a helmet. It is easy to slip and get injured. This is worse in outdoor rinks where there is no maintenance. Protect yourself since if you do not, no one will.


  • Ensure the ice is hard enough. When the ice is soft and not strong, this indicates a huge danger. It’s always advisable to check how hard the ice is otherwise you might end up sinking.


  • Know the basics. If you are an expert in this sport, you definitely know the basics. If you are a novice, ensure that you understand all the basics to avoid mistakes that could end you up in a hospital bed. Ensure that your skates fit you properly.


  • Avoid open water pockets. This is a popular outdoor sport and sometimes there could be open water pockets in frozen dams and lakes. Avoid these areas and only go where the surface is hard.


  • Know the areas to avoid. Outdoor ice skating rinks could be near hot springs, sunny areas or moving water. These are very dangerous areas as you could get injured or worse lose your life. Inspect the surface well and stay away from these hazardous areas.

Hone Your Skills Slowly

Do not be in a rush to hone your skills. Just like in any other sport, go step by step and you will hone your skills as time goes by. Know when to hold on to the rail, when to move away, when to dip and how to stand up after a fall among other things.

This is a sport that helps in perfecting your body balance while at the same time exercising your body. As much as it may take some time to master it, it is fun but one has to be careful while at it.

Keeping in mind the safety rules of the sport is not only about you but also about other skaters. Although outdoor ice skating rinks are more dangerous than indoor ones, these safety rules apply in all of them.