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Playing Badminton? This is how to get a Solid Serve

Just like any other game, badminton has rules that you must adhere to. When playing this game, you should try your best not to get to a point where you have to defend yourself. Basically, what you need is a good service and avoid the most common errors. Knowing this is not enough since it helps to learn how to practically do it.

  • Know how to Position Yourself

Positioning yourself when playing will help you in getting a solid serve. If you are playing in doubles, ensure your feet are in the court and don’t block your opponent’s view to the server. If you are in singles, position yourself well and avoid serving right in front of the opponent. You will lose points. 

  • Know how to Handle the Shuttle Cock

When serving, do your best not to miss the shuttlecock and when doing it, ensure that you serve from below the waist. Your opponent should not gain points from your mistakes. The other thing to note is that the shuttlecock should be hit upwards rather than downwards.

  • Practice Racket Rules

There are some things that you cannot practice when serving in badminton. For example, a racket should start from the back while in service moving forward but not back and forth. As you hit the shuttlecock, you must hit its bottom, with the racket head pointing upwards while the shaft points downwards. This is a rule that should not be broken.

  • Serve when Ready

When playing badminton, raising your foot back means you are ready to serve. Once you do this, you should serve without putting the foot down. This is a service error and your opponent will end up getting a point at your expense. It is a must you serve immediately the moment that you raise the foot backward and ensure that you keep the racket rules in mind.

Regardless of how experienced your opponent is or how much they are of an expert, it helps to have a solid service from your end. Keep practicing racket rules when in service, know how to position yourself, how to handle the shutter cock, ensure the opponent is ready when serving and don’t delay while at it. When you learn to do this, you will not feel the unnecessary pressure of defending yourself but rather, you will be a leader.