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Most dangerous sports in the world

For a very long time, sports have been a source of entertainment both for players and fans. That said, you definitely will agree that sports are not all sunshine and rainbows. There has been sad moments, serious injuries and even death. All these should be expected from any sport that has a lot of physical contacts.  

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the most extreme sport in the world. Many who have engaged in these sports have either sustained serious injuries or have lost their lives.  

Base jumping  

You may think that jumping off an airplane is the most dangerous thing anybody could do. Well, that is not entirely true because a handful of people have taken it another level. They carve for something more outrageous and demanding.  

Jumping off an airplane is not too extreme because you have more than enough time to open your parachute and glide until you touch down. Base jumping, on the other hand, is somewhat tricky. And this is because a lot of complications may occur. A second delay could have serious consequences.  Base jumping was developed by Carl Boenish in the year 1978.  

Horse riding  

Many only see horses as an elegant and magnetic creature. But they can be dangerous as well. You likely may be wondering why horse riding is on this list. Well, the truth is that horse riding is a dangerous sport. Every year, a lot of people sustain fatal injuries that have even led to death as a result of a horse accident. The hooves of horses are ridiculously strong. So, when working around them, you have to be very careful. A good number of people have become deformed and even paralyzed after a horse accident.  


This is a sport that involves a lot of physical contacts. Recent statistics have shown that people who engage in this sport have a 90% chance of suffering a brain disease. Even more, they are going to be prone to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease. Wearing protective gears is going to reduce the risk of you sustaining a serious injury while engaging in this sport.  


This is a sport that requires balance, self-control, and flexibility. One wrong move can lead to serious injuries. In may 1988, Julissa Gomez had one of the worst gymnastic accident in history. After the accident, she became paralyzed neck down until she died in 1991.  

Before engaging in any extreme sport ensure that you wear protective gears. Doing this will reduce the odds of you having a serious injury.