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The best soccer players in the world

Soccer is the most watched sport in the world. Presently, there are a lot of outstanding soccer players in different clubs. Choosing the best among these players is not as easy as it might seem.  Basically, every fan has his opinion about the best football players in the world. But there are a handful of players that everybody knows are among the best in the world.

These players are from the best soccer teams on the planet.- Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid and many more. Some players from these teams are considered as legends. They are regarded as legends because of their contribution to the success of their team and to the beautiful game of soccer.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best soccer players in the world.

Lionel Messi

Messi has won the FIFA’s player of the year award a good number of times. Many consider him as one of the best soccer players of our time. He finds it very easy to move past defenders. His skill and pace are unmatched. Most of the time, it appears to be that the ball is glued to his feet. In 2014, Messi, lead this country to the world cup final, where they were defeated by Germany. He is currently playing for Barcelona football club.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo has been the only player that has been considered by many as a true equal to Messi- if not even better than Messi. Ronaldo is taller and stronger than Messi. His statistics are similar to that of Messi. He bagged the FIFA player of the year title in 2016. Ronaldo and Messi are the only players that have been able to bag this title four consecutive times since 2007. Ronaldo made a name for himself in Manchester United, before Joining Real Madrid. He is currently the highest paid athlete in the world.

Manuel Neuer

There are a lot of good goalkeepers in football. But the best among them is Manuel Neuer. He currently plays for Bayern. When it comes to stopping the ball from entering the goal, Neuer is the best man for the job. His reflex is excellent. In 2014, he, lead his national team Germany to the world cup finals where they defeated Argentina.

Final note

The players in this article were able to make a name for their self, not only because they are talented but also because they are hard working and are ready to do whatever it takes to win.