Cricket – A Truly Smashing Game

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Cricket is one of the most loved and hated sports in the world. But like they say, there is nothing like free publicity. So even when someone bad mouths the famous game, they are still talking about and promoting it.

For us Australians Cricket has worked itself into the family gathering at Christmas time. It is one of those games that everyone can play. Young and old, male and female, the athletic and the lazy.

Much like baseball you can stand in the out fields and often have time to yourself. Unless of course you get a bad bowler and an smashing batter. In that case you may find yourself running around and throwing the cricket ball back quite often.

At other times the game can produce a more mellow game-play which can quickly turn into exciting. And we are not just talking about when one team is approaching the number of runs as their opponent.

Take for example last backyard game we got stuck into. Sometimes we play with tennis balls which are usually harmless, but that day we played with proper hard cricket balls. I was bowling and Tommy was facing me as batter.

As I bowled a ripper which I thought was a sure thing to get him out, he unleashed a cracker of a hit. The ball went soaring high into the air. If we were on an official ground he would have earned 6 runs for sure. But we were in his backyard and for us the ball went flying out of sight. And then crack! The sound of smashed glass.

We went to investigate what has happened. Upon making it to the road we saw the ball had gone straight through a neighbours car windscreen. It was destroyed to say the least. Luckily we knew a local windscreen repairer and he provided a good price. To be honest we had been giving him fairly consistent work over the years.

And if it wasn’t a car glass repair man we were calling the windows glass man for the house. Cricket. It truly is a smashing game! Literally.

Smashed glass window

But regardless of the fact that it can cause damage to property and people, I still love the game. Played worldwide there are many other loyal fans who will have similar stories I am sure.

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